Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Day at Dix Fish & Wildlife Management Area

Despite the bitter cold, I layered-up and drove to Dix today as my schedule and the weather won't allow for any further bird photography this week.  I saw a number of birds, but there were no bald eagles at Dix or the nearby PSE&G property.  I traversed the dike and set up my blind on the banks of the mostly-frozen Cohansey River.  A flock of Bufflehead swam down the river as the sun got closer to the horizon, but decided to turn away rather than follow their path directly toward me:

[JPG] IMG_9452

The best shots of the day wound up being of a grove of leafless trees as the sun set behind them.  It was a good hike, but not much else.

[JPG] IMG_9520


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