Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Heron

I visited the Dix Fish and Wildlife Management Area near Bridgeton, NJ today.  It is the one place in NJ where you are virtually guaranteed to see bald eagles during the winter.  I saw two (one mature, one juvenile) and at least a half-dozen other raptors, most of which were northern harriers.  I also saw flocks of Canada and snow geese by the hundreds, robins, cardinals, and two great blue herons, one of which is pictured below.

The place is not very easy to find.  As an added bonus, my car got stuck in a pothole that was obscured by a light snow.  I did manage to get a tow truck onto the scene.  I will definitely return when the snow thaws and the roads are less muddy.

2011.01.12 Winter Heron


  1. Excellent shot!! Salut!!

    Francesc, Barcelona